Sustainable Technology Institute is moving their office to Battery Park.

Why? Because we believe that revitalizing our region’s core is the most sustainable choice.  And of course the new location also provides us with a ¾ acre lot for our new urban agriculture center.  The new center will be easily accessible from I-64 and I-95 and will be an integral part of the surrounding neighborhood, bringing educational opportunities for inner city Richmond, as well as people around the state.

In our quest for the most sustainable options for our business, we have chosen to renovate an older urban space, rather than relocate in the suburbs, in accordance with our principles of adaptability, reuse, and holistic sustainability.

So what is to come with the new location?  Well, there will be a 24 x 50 greenhouse for four-season propagation.  A full aquaponics system is currently being constructed.  A large community-scale anaerobic digester heated by our huge solar thermal system  will be built on site.  Solar Photovoltaic power is to come soon and there is so much more just around the corner.