20160301_130415This large farm install was the first of its kind, given that it was approved under a new provision that allows for a unique form of agricultural net metering. Farms may sometimes have numerous electrical meters installed throughout several hundred acres of land. Installing small solar arrays on each building with a meter is less cost effective than installing a very large array on one or two of the farm’s buildings. At Sunnyside Farms, STI installed two large solar arrays capable of handling most of the energy needed for all of the farm’s electrical meters. More than a dozen meters throughout the farm will have adjusted bill amounts that will be benefit from the electricity produced by the 175 module system. The farm, located in Washington, Virginia, is one picturesque setting, and we really enjoyed the week it took our company to complete the installation up there. Sunnyside Farms uses the power of the sun to grow delicious organic produce, and now the sun will feed their energy needs while cutting their carbon footprint and reducing their dependence on fossil-derived fuels. STI is covering Virginia with solar arrays one job at a time! Our office and solar training center is located in the historic fan of Richmond, Virginia. Our central location allows us to easily serve the whole state of Virginia. Our prices cannot be matched and we have a long list of happy clients who will attest to that! Call today and we can schedule a free site visit.