February 6th marks our 1 year anniversary at STI. It has been a great year with many changes. We started out with a focus on training and certification in solar and building performance. Just a few months in to it we saw that there was a great need for our services. Adapting to the needs of our clients we changed our focus to energy efficiency and solar pv installs. Six months into our first year we decided we needed to move to a bigger location. We were in a nice 1500sf office but there was no room for expansion. We found a great spot just north of the City of Richmond. Our new location was over 2000sf of office, 4000sf of warehouse and workshop space and a 3/4 acre lot for us to work on our projects. We thought we were getting way to much space, but it has filled up quickly. Now we have room to build our custom Solar Thermal Panels and our Lab Carts. We built 2 hoophouse style green houses to house our hybrid aquaponics and hybrid hydroponics systems. Zak has been working diligently had has just finished our 1100 gallon anaerobic digester that will heat our greenhouses and provide the much needed super digestate tea.

We invite you to stop by and see what we have going on. Our shop is ever evolving so you never know what you will see.