storedge-powerwallThe Sustainable Technology Institute just installed Central Virginia’s first “StorEdge” inverter for a client who lives on Lake Anna nearĀ Fredericksburg, Virginia. The 10kw install will provide this large home with a majority of its energy needs. And when this client’s Tesla battery pack arrives, STI will return to provide their expertise in performing the extra necessary wiring to the utilize the new backup power source.

Solar Edge’s newly released inverter has the ability to communicate with storage batteries, thus the days of two inverter AC coupled systems are now a thing of the past. As Tesla increases battery production and their product becomes more readily available to the public, STI will be there to handle the installs. Battery-involved Solar Photovoltaic installations aren’t a task taken on by every solar company in Virginia. As a matter of fact, most companies shy away from such endeavors. Adding battery storage to the solar equation when net-metering is tricky business. Critical load selection and wiring can be a complicated matter. STI is Virginia’s source for battery installation training. Due to the soon to be great demand for Tesla power wall installations, STI will soon be offering one day training sessions for solar companies looking to expand into battery backup installations. And remember, if you are looking to start the path towards a NABCEP certification, STI is here not only to provide you with the necessary entry level hours required to sit for the exam, but also the required OSHA training. We are Virginia’s one stop shop for solar training in Virginia. Located in the heart of Richmond’s fan district, our office and training center is here to service our state’s booming solar industry. Battery backup has finally become affordable. Exciting times for sure.

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