Here is Wil Caton, a co-owner STI, performing the final touches involved with getting the system running after the panels were installed. The smaller inverter seen in this picture takes up less space and the new solar technology behind the design of this system provides for easy and quick wiring from the inverter to the existing electric panel box. It is a quick in-and-outprocedure, and our clients are even left with an interface between the solaroptimizer system and their computer that allow them to view and track wattage of all of the panels on their roof. Are you interested in knowing what wattageis generated on a cloudy day compared to a crisp and clear sunny day? Well it’s as easy as turning on your computer to see the difference and gain anunderstanding of the performance of your system. And with the high-efficiency of the solar optimizers and the high-end monocrystalline panels, you might be surprised how much electricity you DO generate on a cloudy day!