STI recently installed a large solar system in Galax, VA. The 5kw solar electric system was accompanied by a solar thermal heating system to further decrease the client’s need for grid-tied power. As usual, our company recommended and installed all American made panels and components. The solar thermal panel was even constructed only a couple hours south of Galax by Sunqest, located in Newton, NC. The SRCC rated 4X8 all copper absorber high efficiency solar water heating panel can be seen in the far upper left of this picture. The 18 American made monocrystalline solar world electric generating panels were mounted with S-5 clamps, so there were no penetrations through the metal roof and the installation was quickly but meticulously performed. Because of the new solar optimizers mounted under each panel, the array’s power will far exceed the power generation of many of our competitor’s arrays of similar size. And it took our experienced team less than two days to install the system! Yes, it’s true, STI provides the cheapest and fastest solar installations at prices that beat our competitors and with all-American made components. When our clients shop around and see that our price is the best and our panels are covered by a 25 year warranty, the choice is very clear. And that’s why we have so many happy customers!