I began working at STI back in August and was immediately exposed to a plethora of priceless knowledge. It began by finding out ways of making homes and businesses more energy efficient. I then watched how our solar carts were built, and was a part of learning the basics of sealing HVAC ductwork. When we moved into our new office in October the guys didn’t waste a minute getting started on making some pretty amazing improvements. We have since built two greenhouses, an anaerobic digester, a solar thermal system, and an aquaponics system. This has all come together over the course of four months! We have so many more projects on the horizon that will really bring a lot of exciting things to our area and will be able to help and educate a lot of people.

Wil and Zak are passionate about this work which is very evident in the outcome of their projects! We hope that you will stop by some time and we can show you in person all of the exciting things we have going on and hope you’ll be a part of it.