Tax credits, REC’s, and new solar technology has brought solar to the point we’ve all been waiting for in Virginia for a long time. And that’s a quick return on investment! Only a couple of years ago, clients interested in solar were primarily concerned with having the systems installed as a means of decreasing their need for fossil fuel based electricity and because of the positive impact that solar power has on our environment in relation to greenhouse gases. In just the last year, we can now say that solar is a viably lucrative investment. With an approximate 8 year payback for an installed system, and with electricity prices only going up, you don’t have to “go-green” as the motivation behind getting solar. It’s just a plain good investment. And with current low interest rates for savings accounts and CD’s, and the risk of stock-market investments, putting your money into solar is the way to go financially. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.